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About Us

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Image by Niklas Hamann



Our mission at Dimensional Wellness is to empower patients to reach optimal health and vitality by individualizing support as a whole for the body, mind, and spirit. We strive to provide consistent outstanding care coupled with education to allow the body's natural, yet effective, healing process. 

Why did we choose the name Dimensional Wellness? We believe that healing occurs in many dimensions. Optimal health is not linear, it is not “one size fits all”, and the best care is not fixed with the concept of 1 ailment = 1 treatment. The deepest wounds cannot be fixed unless healing occurs in all dimensions. What does it mean to be whole or treated holistically? Becoming whole is a dynamic state of being. This is reflected by personal-relates with self, interpersonal relationships, environmental domains, or connectedness to nature. There are also individual dimensions of pain which include physical, sensory, behavioral, sociocultural, cognitive, and spiritual. There are even dimensions of intelligence such as linguistic, mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, or natural. There are layers to overall well-being and without understanding these dimensions, comes the obstacles to cure. Many patients identify with their ailments, wounds, or suffering because they believe it makes them more deserving or needed. This causes fear, contempt, control, addictions, and physical pain. This allows you to limit the need to fulfill responsibilities or life’s purpose due to deeply held health reasons. Then one “deserves” a vacation or an unhealthy meal due to their suffering, pain, work stress, or trauma. There is a sense that life stress must balance itself, therefore one holds on to their wounds. It becomes a deep primal belief that wounds build the character, sense of self, make us more approachable, and gives an upper hand when one’s own wound is worse than another’s. Dimensional Wellness is an opportunity to learn forgiveness over reason, to overcome conditions or challenges from the outer environment, transcend beyond ailments, and overcome thoughts as they affect the brain, body, and life.  

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